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Teach Kids Good Internet Habits When They're Away From Home

You can install all the locks, filters, and virus protection you want on your home computer—but if you want to make sure your kids always surf the Internet safely, no matter where they are, you're going to have to teach them good online habits.

The Online Mom suggests that by teaching good habits at home and talking with the parents of your child's friends, you can have more confidence that kids aren't looking at sites they shouldn't see or otherwise jeopardizing their safety.

The two big threats to look out for are kids accidentally giving away identifying information and accidentally downloading viruses or spyware. The latter problem is fairly easily remedied-just make sure your security software is up to date, and teach kids not to visit file-sharing sites or download anything without asking an adult first.

In order to protect your child's identity, make sure there's always an adult in the room when they're online and have them ask for permission before they fill out any online form.

The basic principles—stick to an approved set of sites and ask for permission before wandering away from them—should apply whether they're at home or at a friend's house. This will help teach children the importance of good judgment while still allowing them the freedom to explore family-friendly sites.

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